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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy outlines how your personal information may get collected, used, or shared each time you visit our website or purchase any of the services offered here!

How Do We Collect Your Personal Information?

Each time you visit our website, certain parts of your data such as your device information, details of your web browser, IP addresses, and sometimes the time zone you've logged in from gets automatically collected. Furthermore, if you fill in certain forms, personal information is also collected through it. We will contact you after you fill out any form on the website via a telephone call or email. Moreover, as you browse through the pages of our website - it might also collect information regarding the specified web pages you're viewing, how exactly you are interacting through our website, and the search terms that you here in the first place. All of this information collected is called the "Device Information."

We collect your device information via the following techniques –

  • Cookies – these are the data files we place on your device each time to visit our website. They have been programmed with a unique anonymous identifier meant for collecting your device information. In case you wish to know more about cookies or to get those disabled, visit
  • Log Files – they are used to track each of the actions you take on our website and decipher the exact IP address, browser, internet service provider, and the time zones you're entering our website from.
  • Web Beacons/ Pixels/ Tags – these are the electronic files placed on our website meant to track information about how exactly you are browsing through the website. Apart from the automatic collection of data, we also tend to record your information such as name, email address, company name, company URL, phone number, etc. Each time you interact with us through a form. This information is referred to as the "Form Information."

Note – Each time we say "Personal Information" throughout this policy, it refers to the collection information we've collected from the device and via the form.

How Is Your Collected Personal Information Used at Hul Hub?

The information we collect through forms could be used as follows –

  • To connect with people who seem interested in our products and services;
  • To provide you with the latest information, advertisements, deals, and offers, when in alignment with your preferences we've collected.
  • To provide your information to the interested 3rd parties, we've recorded when in alignment with your preferences
  • And to be used for purposes such as website newsletters, service promotion emails, remarketing, etc.

The device information we collect could be used as follows –

  • To screen any potential threat or fraud affiliated with your browser or IP address;
  • To improve our website's optimization for better navigation and interactive experience;
  • And to track the success ratio of our marketing campaigns. 

Why and With Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?

  • Hul Hub shares your personal information with third parties that might be relevant to your preferences, as mentioned above. Additionally, every piece of information collected at our website is sent to Google Analytics to understand consumer behavior towards our site. In case you wish to learn about how Google further uses your personal information, visit You can also opt-out of Google Analytics here:
  • We might share your personal information when claimed via court orders, subpoenas, or to exercise our legal rights or defend our prestige against any legal claim that involves you.
  • As a growing business entity, we might expand, sell or buy our services and assets. And such dealings are most likely to involve visitors' information as an exchangeable asset. Additionally, in an unlikely situation, if Hul Hub entirely or the assets partially gets acquired, your personal information could be a part of those acquired assets.
  • Hul hub strictly follows the conditions set by MasterCard, Visa, Amex, PayPal, Discover, and Visa and neither collects nor shares did any information relate to your credit cards.

Behavioral Advertising – The information we collect through the form or via your device is used to provide you with targeted advertisements based on your interests and preferences we've tracked. In case you wish to learn more about how targeted advertising exactly works, visit Note – you can opt-out of those services you no longer wish to acquire via

The Rights You Reserve –

  • Access to Personal Information – Your rights to access your personal information we've collected are reserved at Hul Hub. You can always exercise this right by contacting us via the provided information.
  • Data Retention & Alteration – The information we collect through forms that you willingly fill is kept recorded only until you allow us with that. You can always ask for deleting or altering this information by contacting us via provided information.
  • Data Traction – Hul Hub does not collect or record any data or information from a visitor whose browser signals towards no traction, i.e., Do Not Track.

Subject to Changes & Alteration –

The above-stated privacy policy is subjected to change, and alteration whenever felt necessary. The changes might occur for operational or regulatory reasons such as a change in practices or a legal obligation, etc.

Contact Information –

In case you've got queries related to our privacy policy, you can always get in touch via the provided information and clear your doubts. Hul Hub
(Contact information)

(856) 212-1123